Once a week, a group collects up to 350 gallons of vegetable oil waste from the University of Illinois’ dining halls and loads it onto the back of a truck headed for Research Park. Here, they perform reactions in a 400 gallon reactor to create environmentally-friendly biodiesel and soap to be sold back to the University. They are a group of students, and they form the Illinois Biodiesel Initiative.

Special Thanks:
Amanda Lietz, Matt Giannis, Joe Pickowitz, Zack Fauque, Stephanie Roupas, Olivia Webb, Zachary Dookeran, Tan Nilgianskul, Vishal Piryani
Illinois Biodiesel Initiative
Illinois Sustainable Technology Institute istc.illinois.edu/

Penguin Cafe Orchestra, “Perpetuum Mobile”

Every day at 12:50 p.m., a concert rings throughout the University of Illinois campus from the Altgeld Hall Bell Tower. At the end of a staircase leading three stories above the roof, in a space half the size of a classroom, a 77-year-old retired environmental chemist swings away at wooden keyboard handles that are connected to 15 cables running upwards of 75 feet through the ceiling, over ancient pulleys, connected to the clappers that strike the bells four stories above. Her name is Sue Wood, and she is the Chimesmaster.

Music: Kevin MacLeod, “Breaktime”


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